AAA Brass & Woodwind Repair

Vintage HornsI've got a new used horn for sale, it's a Bach 42 B silverplate tbone, call me please !Also, check in from time to time to learn of current horn projects going on in the shop.

Unlike music stores, AAA Brass & Woodwind Repair welcomes vintage horns for repair estimates and sales too!

It's very understandable, but music stores have to charge alot and work fast in their repair departments. Consequently, they aren't very interested in complicated jobs and old instruments that need a lot of TLC. 

Don Jones, owner of AAA Brass & Woodwind Repair loves old horns and is happy to give an honest appraisal of grandpa's old saxophone or great grandmother's favorite Tuba.

He strives for good communication with all his customers in all matters.  He won't sell you a service you don't need but he will tell you honestly what you do need.

"Don took care of a leak  problem with my horn that caused a woofy sound throughout the full range of sound.  And the turnaround time was fast." - David Perkoff, professional musician.

"I have known Don for many years, and I can honestly say he is a real expert and honest person."  -  Joe Morales, professional sax man, Austin.

Any of the pictured instruments are for sale.  We clean and repair to excellent condition and make a very good price to the student or professional.