AAA Brass & Woodwind Repair

Services and Pricing

AAA Brass & Woodwind Repair is dedicated to getting your brass and woodwind instruments back into excellent p/c (playing condition).  Quick turn around is very important, estimates are free, and all work is guaranteed.  Drop off and pickup at Violins etc. on Burnet Rd. in Austin is available for your convenience.

Our Services include:
small and large  tubas  clean and service  brass - 105-150, silver - 175-240
fiberglass sousas  clean and service
 brass sousas  clean and service  130-150
marching baritone, brass & silver  clean and service 85-150
 trumpets, cornets, trombones clean and service  50-75 
single and double french horns   clean and service  50-75
3 and 4 valve baritones   clean and service  brass and sliver, 65-140
closed and open hole flutes   repad and clean  up to 195
clarinet   repad  140-150
alto and tenor sax   repad  285-350

Let's get Rid of those Dents!  

Clean out that Bell!

Have confidence in your horn!

Buzzes and clanks!

Straighten those keys and bodies!